There is a place to which waste of products used in household goes in each home. This is a waste bin. By handling our waste in a responsible manner, we help the nature and ensure clean the plant for our future generations. It is important to bear in mind that the majority of waste may be recycled and bring it to life again. By saving the resources of our plant we extend our healthy life expectancy and the healthy life expectancy of our planet.
Although the majority of people is aware of this and sort waste, often different questions where such waste should be places arise. In order to answer the man questions, we offer the following sorting guidelines:


The following plastic products must be thrown to plastic sorting containers:

  • Different plastic drink bottles;
  • Sour cream, yogurt, curd dessert and other food storage containers;
  • Containers of shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergents, fabric softeners for laundry use;
  • Foil and metal products;
  • Film for food products, other plastic film marked with labels PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS;
  • Cardboard drink packaging (TetraPak, Elopak etc.);
  • Drink cans;
  • Tin cans;
  • Metal covers, metal boxes, other metal packaging waste.

IMPORTANT! The used plastic products must be dry. Bottle stoppers must be opened.


The following paper products must be thrown to paper sorting containers:

  • Magazines, newspapers and other printed matter;
  • Printing and writing paper;
  • Books without hard covers;
  • Cardboard and paper crates, corrugated cardboard crates;
  • Other non-contaminated paper packaging.

Don’t throw the following to paper sorting containers:

  • Greasy paper (butter packaging, potato chips packaging, donut boxes etc.);
  • Manifold, paraffined, waxed, oily paper;
  • Paper covered with plastic, cellophane, foil or bitumen;
  • Wallpaper and other construction work paper;
  • Paper handkerchiefs, napkins and towels, toilet paper and nappies.


Throw the following to glass sorting containers:

  • Glass bottles;
  • Jars without lids;
  • Glass packaging;
  • Debris of glass products.

Don’t throw the following to glass sorting containers:

  • Porcelain, crystal, pottery products;
  • Glass dishes;
  • Dishes contaminated with paint and other chemical agents;
  • Light bulbs of all types;
  • Mirrors;
  • Glass medicine bottles and medical ampoules;
  • Reinforced glass and glass sheets;
  • Vehicle window glass;
  • Window glass and debris of window glass.